We are the Arreola fam..Nipples for short


We might look like a young and odd looking family that knows nothing of real adult problems but that isn’t the case.

Both my husband and I had to grow up at a young age. The little boy right there in the middle making a ludicrous face in our wedding photo….yeah that is our son. I had him when I was 15 years old and the full story will be for another time.

The man next to us with the caveman beard…yeah that is my husband. He grew up rather fast as well. We both wanted to be independent before we could even walk and we made it happen.

My husband is a big time gamer. I love to bug this man when he is on his XBOX ONE. He gets so mad hehe! I get energy blasts our of nowhere and will put underwear on his head while he is playing Destiny and then yell loud for no reason just to hear him tell me to go do something with myself. I wouldn’t trade this man for the world though.IMG_20141013_183146

My son…..well he is a different story. He is just like me but in a boys body. He is extremely smart and so funny. He is earning the ways of the world and we are working hard to teach him values that a real man should have. Respect for women, standing up for his values and beliefs, protecting those who cannot fend for themselves. He is working hard to be a great man and I couldn’t be more proud!

2013-02-23 14.59.06 (2).jpg


We have an amazing history that I cant wait to write down. I have journeys that are just waiting to be taken and I cant wait for our family to take them!


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