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The Mrs. Arreola.

Hello all! I want to thank you for coming to my page! I mean who really wants to ready about my boring little family’s day to day life? lol!

I hope you stay as I plan to grow this page as our life grows. We are currently living with fertility issues, daily struggles, my food addiction and much much more! I am known to rant and post about food and share my sons crazy stories. I love DYI projects and cooking as well as photography.

Here is a rundown of the family.

There is of course me: Angel Arreola. I am the person you read about above.

There is Robert Arreola: The gamer husband that for some reason chose to put up with me.

Then…there is the son: Evan A. Arreola….he is a mixture of us both but 100x the weirdness!

Now that you know a bit about us, I am hoping that you will stay and see what I can do with this page. Maybe something will catch your interest and maybe other things will have you saying, “WTF.” Whatever it is, I am just glad you are there! 🙂


-Angel Arreola


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