Expanding Journey

2013-05-01_THIS-is-happening_A-Wide-Line_image03_facebook-cover-photo-pregnancy-announcement_converse-shoesSo, my little family has decided….lets try for Baby No. 2!

My husband Robert and I have been working on our careers and joining our little family together for the past 2 years. Sure having another baby has crossed our minds here and there but we never really put this plan into motion. With our jobs and us being pretty much broke in the beginning of our relationship, we put having another baby on hold.

Now we both have stable careers, we are moving into a bigger home in July and we can actually afford all the material stuff that a baby needs. This is something that we are absolutely and honestly ready to do! The timing couldn’t be more perfect for us!

Then a bomb dropped…we have fertility issues. I never in my life thought I would be one of those women that had to worry about trying to concieve. My first pregnancy happened so easy and fast on the first time. I thought I was golden and I worried about getting pregnant before I met my husband. I thought that getting pregnant would happen just as easily as the first. But, I was wrong….so wrong.

What happened was after I had my first son, I did not have my period every again unless I was on birth control. I was use to the irregular menstrual cycles that I had before him so I thought to myself, “It will come eventually…”. But eventually never came. Since I was not trying to get pregnant, I did not see a reason to look into why I had not gotten my period. If anything I was happy that I did not have the cramping and insecurities of “showing”. I still got bloated and was cranky here any there and had my cravings of either really salty or really sweet foods. At that time, I was OK with it…but it was the biggest mistake of my life.

Now that we are trying to have a baby, it has become so difficult! I get depressed because we try over and over and over and nothing! I’ve talked to doctors and they cannot explain what is the problem nor can they offer solid solutions. Only “try this” and “try that”. I have finally decided to take matters into my own hands. Today I started this highly recommend fertility treatment called Conceive Easy that has had amazing results! My husband and I are hoping it works! If it doesn’t, then we will need to look into alternatives.

I hope that you guys who had read this far will stay with us during our journey to try to expand our family. My main purpose for this blog is to provide other women out there that have gone through (and maybe are still going through my situation) the sense of not being alone. I have felt alone unable to find someone who can relate to me. All I hear is other people saying “stop trying to make it happen and it will happen” or “you just need to eat this and do that”.Just, non stop judgement and peoples opinions from them thinking they know more about my body than I do.

I just want to scream No! That is not what it is! You don’t know how I feel and you are not going through what my body is going through! You do not feel the pain that I feel knowing that the pregnancy test I am holding WILL be negative! You do not look at some women who are abusing the gift of carrying a living human being inside them and just wishing that it could have been you that was blessed with a baby! I need people who understand my pain and struggles with trying to do what women were made to do.

If there are women out there that are looking for someone to relate to…I hope you stay with me on my journey and maybe join this journey as well.

-Angel Arreola


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